Your Fierce Practice, Part 2

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Of all the things I am grateful for, YOU are tops on that list. I am grateful you show up to join in this practice here. And I am tremendously glad to experience your practices through other means as well. That is just another reason this feels so much like a community, a conversation. You all have your own beautiful, fierce practices. Of course, there are the quotidian, those which are part of our selves and our families and our daily routines only. There are also the private. The epistolary practices, the small writing group, the exchange of book suggestions among friends. And then, there are the more public - which I am so glad to be included in.

Please know how much you all inspire me. Below are some snippets from your writings and musings and drawings and noticings over the past few weeks. Some coming from your own form of Annual Reporting, and some just your awesome regular practice. 

Thank you. 

[And, if you make and share anything delicious and I don't know about it, please send along word.]

Good Things From You

  • From Sarah P. Miller, “And trust that if your year was not as wonderful as you would have liked or planned -- in reading or in life -- that year will come, probably when it's least likely to happen and you are certainly not expecting it, and it will have nothing to do with whether you "deserve" it (you deserve it) or earn it (you've earned it). That year exists, and then more like it exist beyond that.

    As e.e. cummings wrote, "when god invented everything he took a breath as big as a circus tent & everything began." I like to think that's how each new year begins too. Keep showing up and paying attention (especially in dark times). It might take a minute but it's true: everywhere you look there's an explosion of wonderful.”

  • Brenna Layne with Twenty days of resistance, twenty days of hope to bring in the new year.

  • From Jennifer over at Stitch + Letter: Where I want to live and breathe and work forever

  • “I had forgotten the most important thing about magic–that it doesn’t appear where you look for it, that you can’t force it, that it hovers in the liminal places, inhabiting the unexpected.” - Set a True Course

  • Peggy has a new excerpt from her book up here.

  • “You don't need a January 1 to get what you want. There's time—an abundance of it—if you promise to stay right here, and sink into what's right now. There's hope; it lives absolutely everywhere (you might need to resolve to become better at locating it). There's you in all your you-ness.

    If you believe you need something more than time, hope, and your you-ness, you're not taking small enough steps. Slow down. Breathe deeply. What's the tiniest forward-oriented action you could possibly take? Half it and start there.” Weekly Findings, #70

  • This story from Clara Sue about dogs and loss and reconnection (of the 2-D kind) may bring tears, or smiles.)

  • “so i bend the rules because i can and let it go, knowing that no one will notice but me. i settle on giving myself some leeway and a bit of elbow room, allowing this space and myself to evolve and grow. -Cathy Sly + lots of beautiful photos

  • Donna writes so beautifully about what she is learning about her practice:
    “To see differently.
    To see with less judgment or criteria.
    To see all things with appreciation.
    To see darkness as well as light.
    To find and trust my own vision.”

  • More from Cathy, “I have put into place, piece by piece, a daily practice that feels authentic and honest for me right now. I have knitted together people and things that support this practice; listening to myself and trying not to emulate, but rather gather inspiration from those I admire and respect.  I have walked through all that doubt that had oozed into my life over the past several years, arriving at a place that feels different but normal again.”

  • "Sometimes writing has a quality of prophecy." These words, walnuts, poems, and an honest commentary about writing for the new year from Suzi Banks Baum.

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