Your Fierce Practice | #8 Write Yourself A Love Letter

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It's not just a love letter, but a permission slip to love yourself (as is).

A love letter to yourself is not a mushy sentimental thing. It’s a permission slip to love and accept yourself, and your light, fully. Take a moment at the start of this year to dive deep into your own spark and shiny-goodness. What is it, exactly, that you LOVE about the full and whole and robust person that you are? (Need some help getting started? See the questions below.)

1. What do you love most about your sweet self?
2. Envision one new thing ONLY YOU can create in 2018.
3. What makes you YOU?
4. What do you love about the woman you see in the mirror? (Name at least one thing, but please feel free to write one million things!)
5. What is your brilliant spark?
6. How will your light shine uniquely in 2018?

Once you get going with all your self-love, write it all down as a for-real-100% love letter to yourself. A real pen and paper letter (or collage or any kind of your own creative goodness). The important part, for right now, is recording all of the amazing goodness that you see and feel in yourself. Be sure to sign it from your own sweet self. Write it down and seal it up good and tight inside an envelope. 

  • Take that envelope, and write YOUR address on the front of it. And place a forever stamp on the front too.
  • THEN, take that envelope (the envelope addressed to yourself with your love letter in it) and put it inside a NEW envelope.
  • Address the blank envelope as below, and put on a stamp and put it in the mail.
  • (Yup, you just basically put a self addressed stamped envelope in the mail!)
  • Then, sometime in the future your magic words of self-love will boomerang back to you in the future, and just maybe at a time when you will most need to remember exactly how and why you love yourself so much. [The prompt will stay open for a long time, so feel free to send your envelope well into March 2018 if you like.]

Address Your Love Letter To:
Love Letters
Make Time Farm
6666 W Stuart Rd
Beloit, WI 53511

You see, the thing is that it's so important for us to love and value ourselves. And to know and see our own gifts and how we can use them in the world. And at the same time parts of this crazy planet can make us feel like saying anything nice about ourselves is too prideful or cocky or show-boaty. Or that loving and believing in ourselves (and having the gaul to actually WRITE IT DOWN) is somehow shameful. So, let's start the year off with a reminder that it's a practice to love ourselves sometimes - both in the finding things to love and in feeling okay about knowing how awesome and spectacular and light-bringing we are. So, start that practice today by thinking and feeling through all the reasons you love yourself and practice actually feeling and writing and OWNING all the reasons you are so amazing. 

I promise I'll take good care of your self-love letters. I also promise to take good care of your envelopes, and I promise I will not open them. All you do is love, write, and send. That love will come back to your loving self at some point in the future. I promise you there is nothing better than reading your own glowing review of yourself. 

- - - - -

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