Your Fierce Practice | #7 Sorting What You Know

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Here we are. At the time of the year (aka, the beginning) when EVERYTHING seems to be about IMPROVEMENT. Mostly, self-improvement. Sure, that's good and fine. But, there's something a little queer about focusing completely on making ourselves better...

Because it ignores the fact that we are 99.99% ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and strong and inspiring and exactly how we are RIGHT NOW. AND, it doesn't do anything to help us CELEBRATE the unique (and totally quirky) things that make us, us.

And, let's be clear - the reason that you are so incredible is because you are that unique, lit-up, sparkly person who is you right now. So, for that reason the rest of Your Fierce Practice is going to be all about finding, shining the light on, magnifying, and expanding the YOU that already exists. Because you are already whole. (And I think you know that already). 

Prep Work:
FYI this Prompt #7 requires a little printing. As in, computer printing. So, just in case you can't print anything at home, take a chance to print all nine pages of THIS (single sided) while you are out and about today. [aka, still at work :)]

Prompt #7: Sorting What You Already Know
Whether we know it or not, there are a million THINGS floating through our worlds and our words and our lives and our values. And we prioritize them without even thinking about it. There are so many things that are present that we are so good at ignoring because they don't pertain to us. They are almost invisible. Likewise, sometimes our most core values and beliefs and goals become invisible too - they are so present to us we almost take them for granted. Today's activity will shine some light on ALL of these things, make them visible, and then focus the spotlight on those things that are actually most valuable to us. 

The activity is called the PERSONAL VALUES Card Sort. And although it looks quite simple, it can become as deep as you like it to. Here we go!

1. Start by printing out all nine pages of the Card Sort activity (be sure to print front-side only). Gather a pair of scissors too! Here's the link:

2. Cut out all the 'cards' on the sheets. Start now by making this cutting activity your warm-up. Cut meditatively, let yourself become grounded and be present. 

3. You'll notice on sheet one that it starts with cards reading "Important To Me" "Very Important To Me" and "Not Important To Me". Pull these aside. 

4. The heart of the activity is sorting all of the little values cards into one of these three "buckets" (Important, Very Important, Not Important) that resonates most for you. If you want to make your 'buckets' more narrow, feel free to add a category for "Neutral" "Most Important" or whatever you want. Don't have any more than five 'buckets' for sorting into. Place your three to five "Buckets" on the table or floor where you are working, but give them space. (You'll be sorting all of those little white cards near them, so you'll want room to spread out if I haven't mentioned it already).

5. Sort. Here's the heart of it. Based on the name of the value on each card - and the description below it - sort each card into the appropriate bucket. A few quick notes: don't over think it. Trust your gut. DON'T JUDGE YOURSELF. (And, maybe, be prepared to be surprised.)

6. Once all of your 'cards' are sorted into their 'buckets' - take some time to notice. Notice how it felt. Notice your feelings. Notice anything that surprises you. Notice discrepancies. Notice how many things are in each pile. No judging. Just noticing. 

7. If you can, leave your piles where they are for a few days. Should you live with tornados or small children or not-too-much space, collect your 'values' into their own bucket piles and put them in their own envelope.

We'll come back to this later - the seeing and the sorting and the noticing is the place to start. 

Oh - and have fun. Be open to the subtext. And don't do what you think you should, just listen to that quiet voice on the inside and go forward. 

- - - - -

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