Your Fierce Practice | #6 A Blessing

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This is the first day. And it also feels like a grace period. 

This day which is offered to you, and in which you are not required to offer much to the world.

A soft landing into the new year. 

Use this gift, this slow space, to plan your approach (that soft landing) to the year ahead. 
Keep some light on hand (the reflecting is always needed), but get yourself ready for everything else in store for this year ahead. In this next week (even if you return to work, to family, to exercise, to practice) make time for rest, for organizing [define that as you will], aligning your heart compass, setting intention, and setting off in the right direction. 

This is a new beginning after all*. Why not do everything possible to imbue it with as much of the goodness and grace that you want? 

So, here's your Prompt #6: Create your own blessing to ring in this new year. (There's a little etymological love below to help you think outside the box if you like.) Start to think about what you want this year to hold FOR YOU, and then think about how you can bless, celebrate, pray, wish, ceremony, mark or otherwise imprint and permeate these next 365-ish days to hold everything you want for you.

Sage smudge? Prayer? Laying out all of your art supplies and thanking each one? Walking in your favorite woods with intention? Reciting your favorite poem in every room of the house? Mindfully carrying out the day's chores? Napping? Curling up with all those seed catalogs? Something you recall from an elder in your childhood?

A blessing does not have to be religious. Nor does it have to be a one-time-only-affair. A ritual at each of the new beginnings throughout this year may be a powerful thing for you as well.

You don't have to have the answer in this moment. But as you plant the seeds of joy and love and plans for this year ahead, think of how to best tuck them in the soil for a blessed (or blest) year ahead. 

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1 1 18 Bless

*It's all a beginning, isn't it? A new year? A new month? A new day? A new hour? A new minute? We have all these chances for fresh, clean, new, bright starts all the time.

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Find today's original missive HERE. Today's quote from Muriel Rukeyser, Elegy In Joy