Your Fierce Practice | #4 Left Undone

Your Fierce Practice 12 30 17

Here's your Prompt #4, which may or may not seem and feel pessimistic. It's not supposed to be a downer, just a different way to check in. 

Grab your journal or notebook (or a huge piece of butcher paper and a Sharpie, clearly I am a huge fan of big paper and big writing). Then write down all the things that didn't happen this year.

I know. This sounds like a terrible activity. To think about all the goals and resolutions that were not met? What a totally horrible wet blanket. But, that's only one way to look at it. 

Because, the things we don't end up doing actually tells us a lot about where our energy and values and activities actually are (like, in the real world). And that's only if you tackle this activity by 1) finding your 2017 goals and 2) listing all the things that didn't happen.

However, that's not the only way to look at this. There are a lot of things that didn't happen this year that are maybe good things. Like all that talk a few weeks back about how powerful it is NOT to do something. Or how absence is a good thing, and not a bad thing. (I did not use Facebook. I did not stay up too late. I did not say yes too often. I did not take on this project.) You get the point. 

Plus, there's the whole category of 'in process' - those things that you have started but aren't yet complete. (Because we know that some things take a long time to grow on their own, or with others, and simply can not be contained within one calendar year - no matter how hard we try.)

All I'm saying is, take some time to think about this. And then set some candles of reflection next to your list and see if any themes or patterns or ideas jump out at you. Is there any certain type of thing that re-appears over and over on your list? Anything that (should you have done this for many years) would appear year after year on this list? And use this as a gentle guide as you set your plans in place for the new year ahead. 

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Find today's original missive HERE. Today's quote is from Marge Piercy's The birthday of the world.