Your Fierce Practice | #3 PHOSPHORESCENCE

Your Fierce Practice 12 28 17


Oh words. Oh poetry. Oh inspiration in all its written and visual and auditory and tactile forms.

Your light-seeking work for today is straightforward:

A. Reflect on / think through / wait for / know deep in your bones instantly the poem, essay, quote, song, piece of art or anything that most stuck with you in 2017. Maybe it's something old that came to the rescue and tug-boated you through hard times. Maybe it's something hot off the press that you just ran across and it lit up your world. Maybe you found an old poem for the first time digging through dusty anthologies at the library. It doesn't matter what it is, or how you found it - just identify ONE piece of art or writing that has been pivotal (or life saving or buoying or striking or refreshing or anything) for you in 2017.

B. If possible, grab a big piece of paper and re-write it in your own hand. Make the time for this to be a meditative practice. This is not a hand-lettering competition. This is about absorption. Absorbing the work into yourself. And becoming wholly absorbed in the present moment of connecting with the words. (If your thing isn't written words, get creative. If it's a song, write out the lyrics or the music. If it's visual art, draw it or re-create it or just post it somewhere you can see it.)

C. Hand it somewhere you will see it for the next few days. Or weeks. Or all of 2018. Consider it your security blanket to transition into this new year ahead. Place a candle or shine a light on it. Take a moment to think about why this piece has become so important to you this year. What lessons does it have to teach you? How can it hold your hand across the threshold into 2018?

D. Share. Drop a note into the comments below and let me know the name of the poem / essay / song. Or take a photo of your hand-written version. Share it online with #MyFiercePractice2017 and #FiercePhosphorescence. I'll share back what I hear from you all, and I'm really excited that we can all inspire each other with the words that have inspired and ignited us this year. 

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