Your Fierce Practice | #2 Six-Word Book Report

Your Fierce Practice 12 27 17


It's here. The prompt you've been waiting for...

Your life is a story. Did you know that you are a chronicle? And 2017 is a very big and important book in that series of publications. This year probably has a plot, a main character (you), a hero (also you), a villain (okay, maybe also sometimes you). It may also have a moral, a lesson, an arc, a lightning bolt, an unexpected twist, birds, unicorns. Okay, maybe not birds or unicorns. But, you get the point. We all know that each year is intertwined with those before it, and also sets the path for the magic of the new year ahead. But each year is also it's own, unique entity. Your 2017 is a book. And your task is to write A Six-Word Book Report about this year. 

Based on the Six-Word Memoir developed by Smith Magazine, the concept is pretty clear. Craft a six-word sentence summarizing this year. But, because we always need a twist, frame your year as a novel or a story, and your six-words as "a book report" (if you have a preference for middle school) or "a book review". (As usual, apply these terms as liberally as you like.

Take the time to think of this year as a story, a novel, an essay. Give it some structure, from open to close. Envision it (pretty illustrations and all) in your head. And then (simply) summarize it in a six-word sentence.

Of courses: 1) have fun. 2) don't take it too seriously. 3) let your brain mull it over in the background while washing dishes. 4) no due date. 5) play at your leisure. 6) please share in the comments below or on social media with the hashtags #MyFiercePractice2018 and #SixWordBookReport or by email at

Please please please do send your six-word book review. We'll compile and share our collective (very short) stories for all to see.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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