Your Fierce Practice | #1 Magpie

Your Fierce Practice 12 26 17


Scout like the infamous Magpie* for bright and sparkly things. Bring them back to your nest.

Glittery things. Eye catching things. Whatever it is that catches your eye.

But, mostly, bright things. Positive things. Light things. Gather together objects, thoughts, memories, mementos, candles, glitter, sequins, that essay you wrote that was accepted for publication, your solstice crown, an icicle, a list from nature - all of it. The literal and metaphorical magpie trinkets that you can see from long distances, that grab your attention, that shine, that spark, that are begging to be brought home. Gather them all in a place (a kitchen table, a notebook, the edge of the bathtub, the bedside table, snapped in your camera) and take it all in and see what kind of light they cast together.

Bring the light to you. Compile. Celebrate. Admire. Keep space for your magpie nest into the new year. Add to it over time if you like, at least a few days. Think about objects (or not-objects) that bring light and meaning. Notice the places the light and the reflection and the sparkle show up, and weave them into your nest. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to make a pile, make a nest, make a collage, make an anything and add to it (without that feeling that it needs to be cleaned up right away). So, you Magpie, steal your shiny things. Put them together in your nest to make light. Hoard them, and let them glow. Let that light shine tho way to your upcoming reflections. 

Interested in sharing? Take a photo of your magpie nest (now, daily, later, whatever) and share on social media. Let's use the hashtags: #MyFiercePractice2018 and #FierceMagpie. 

P.P.S. Remember, stay loose and metaphorical. Maybe glitter and sequins do not make anything in your life sparkle...but milkweed pods and winter rosemary and snowflakes do. This prompt is just a starting point. I know you glow and sparkle in your own way. Make time for it.

You can find the full, original missive HERE . And HERE is Marge Piercy's poem in full - The Head of the Year.

Here's to you, Magpie. I want to see what's in your nest.

*P.S. Magpie's might not actually like to steal shiny things...but let's just pretend it's still true.