When the Spirits Strikes, AKA: All the Birthdays

A Fierce Practice 3 7 17

But today is also another kind of date to celebrate. Two years ago today I sent the first TinyLetter for A Fierce Practice (previously named the #365Quote Project). Who would have suspected this whole shebang would be around two years later, and that you all have knit such a beautiful community? It's humorous to go back and read the first TinyLetter shared, in large part because I had no idea exactly what I doing doing, or where I was planning to go. (You'll catch a line reading "when the spirit strikes", which apparently is every single day.)

So those first hesitant baby Bambi steps were...well - just that. 

I'm grateful to this practice for encouraging and nudging me to show up every day, even if all I have to add to the world is more letters strung in a row which are mostly crap. But I have learned that as long as I keep showing up, something happens. And that something seems to happen only entirely when it wants to. This practice just helps me to be present and catch the good things when they are ready to fall out.

Question for you: Take a brief pause and look back at your past 365 days. What thing has happened / been accomplished / grown that you wanted to in this time? What is one completely unexpected thing that has transpired? 

Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

You can read today's full note HERE
P.S. Today's quote is from Phuc Tran's lovely TED Talk "Does the Subjunctive Have A Dark Side?" which I heartily recommend.