What Is A Gift?

A Fierce Practice 10 19 17

Hello from Mile 169.4 of Wisconsin Highway 39/90 South. Yup. We're at a standstill. To the point that I rolled the windows down and turned the car off. (But, of course I left NPR on the radio.) I was headed south to meet with the guy at the lumber yard about my doors, but now I'm 33 minutes late and not really even sure when we'll be moving again, or if JW will still be there when I arrive. So be it. There's plenty of browned and browning and fluffy seed-headed goldenrod to look at out the window. Not to mention reasons to giggle. Because, when you're an old man passenger in the car behind me, apparently there's no reason not to get out of the car and pee. Right on the centerline between the fast lane and the right lane. Not more than ten feet from your car, and right below the cab of a very, very tall rig. Hilarious. (Speaking of rigs, he's starting his engine again! So with that view up there he probably knows something I don't. Time to go...)

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