To Lack Faith

A Fierce Practice 10 14 17

Here's the full passage: “What if I go into a trance and don’t write no poem, and don’t do no work and starve and worry my family and friends, and they either feed me or call doctors or send me off to a crazy house with money the could use for other things, normal important ones. . . . And for what, for a poem, to satisfy what, vanity maybe. ... But to say all this and to fear all this is to lack faith; the faith that when you are doing your best, even if your best is only a motionless trance, you’ll be doing good, and when you are doing your best, you’ll be watched out for, and those who watch out for you will gain, not lose by it.” -Robert Lax

And, of other hopeful things and acts of faith....THERE IS GREEN! THERE IS GREEN! Read and see HERE.

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