Wishing You Más

Your Fierce Practice 12 24 17

Hi. It's me. Your Christmas Wet Blanket.

I hope you have a good day. A good day for you. Probably the most 'appropriate' thing to say is Merry Christmas. But, let's be honest. It's not really merry for everyone. For so many different reasons. A bad day. Memories. Loss. The gloomies. Too much stress in a hot kitchen with people coming over too soon. No people coming over and not soon enough. It's fine if it's not merry, because it just is.

The problem is requiring it to be merry for everyone.

So, please just remember it might not be merry for everyone. And that's okay. We're complex and feelings are weird shape-shifters. Just don't force it. For yourself. Or for anyone else. (And please let everyone have their feelings, and please don't tell anyone how to feel today. And please don't tell anyone they don't feel how they actually feel.) 

So, we're down to xxxxx Christmas. And, well, Christ may or may not actually play a role in your day. (Or, Baby Jesus, if you're a baby in a manger sort of person) So - I'll just wish you Más. As in, Spanish for more.

More light.
More quiet.
More room for feeling.
More room for figuring.
More room for _____________.
(You can fill in that blank absolutely however you want.)

And, if this time around (or every time around) Silent Night or chocolate haystacks or driving in the dark or dog sad or disappointment or anything is making you feel all the things, which are then magnified by the merry and the Christ part of December 25th, just know that you are not alone. And that you own your feelings and that no one can force you to feel anything today. It is a holiday after all. 

So. Take care of yourself. And take care of those around you. (In the real way, which means watching out and being kind and soft and gentle.) 

Today's quote is from Carrie Newcomer's Abide. See more (and read more) HERE. Or listen HERE.