Reflections Require Light

Your Fierce Practice 12 23 17

In thinking about and preparing for some end of year reflection (and hopefully holding still) I’m swirling around the concept of reflection. By definition it means casting back a light or a heat. Which requires some source if light to begin with. There’s something paradoxical about this to me...this dark-season navel gazing and year-ahead planning during the darkest days of the year. So how, and where, so we find that light for reflection? Or is our reflection about finding that light to begin with? Are we generating our own light for our own introspection? Or are we finding our light in order to investigate it more deeply?

To say they least, I think "light" (both casting and finding it) will be a tenet (the thread!) of the "Your Fierce Practice" activity for wrapping up 2017 and welcoming 2018. Expect light, sparkles, candles, glowing, and warmth.

Last night, in searching for my keys in the car, the glimmer of two small mirrors caught my eye. How did two, tiny star shaped pieces of glitter get into the back of my car? Turns out the escaped from an envelope from Miss P, which I only noticed after more tiny glitters fell out of the envelope later last night.

I ran the hose for about an hour today, in twenty degree weather, washing out the pump and the water lines. Wasting water while waiting for clear water to run through. A fine mist escaped the joint where I connected two hoses together. When I went outside to check on the water status after an hour, I discovered I created a glimmering ice landscape in the pasture grass where the hose mist floated and froze. I suspect there were tiny, tiny gnomes and mushrooms in there too. It was beautiful, and magnified by the few sparse glints of sun from the day.

Walking the dog tonight, with the weather in the teens, the grass looked like someone blew glitter all across it. Lit only by parking lot lights, dark otherwise, there were sparkles winking at me from the grass everywhere I looked.

The light is here my friends. Even at night. Even in darkness. Forming in thin, cold air. The light is all around. Let's find it and reflect it back to the world. We'll do some of this together starting December 26th with the Your Fierce Practice prompts to shine a light on the fullness of 2017, and blaze a path forward into 2018. (Join us HERE!)