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Before we get to A Week of Questions...
1) Happy October (best month of the year).
2) As I was seeding the septic mound (again) and dragging the drag along behind the mower to scuff up the (in parts) dry or fluffy or horribly compacted soil of the sizable bare ground that was previously pasture and lane scraped apart by the work of tractors installing said mound and septic tank. (I do not know if that sentence makes any sense, but I sort of like it and I am very tired so I will leave it as is) ... (it isn't even a sentence, it's just a really long clause. I digress.) AND climbing onto the second floor to see the landscape of this whole house-building project as a whole and unified thing . . . I had this thought. This whole project is in its very lanky, awkward, discombobulated, stinky, acne-prone, growing-into-a-mature-version-of-itself phase. It's not a beautifully put together thing yet. It's still a concept, that grows a bit more concrete each day (or, really, week). It won't be mature for years yet - until trees get planted and grow in. Until paths are well worn between doors and gardens and fence lines. For now, it's still becoming, and it's still awfully awkward. Therefore, we shall call this stage of house building: puberty.

At some point, it will come into its own. For now it's just feels like a jumbled disaster that is clinging to some future sense of self, some seed of becoming it will grow into    one     day. For now, it's a rumpled mess that can't seem to be on time for anything. But despite all limbs akimbo, it's full of a very potent energy fueling all it will continue to become.

And, with that - this pubescent narrative has nothing to do with the choice of today's quote. And we shall continue on to...

A Week of Questions

How do you draw / plant / grow / delineate / build strong boundaries? How do they keep you safe? How are they porous enough to get let the good stuff in? How are they too rigid sometimes?

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