beyond that obvious feeling

A Fierce Practice 2 3 17

Lucille Clifton: “Well, it always seemed to be something that came very naturally to me, to write things down. I like words a lot, as you know. I have always been very fond of words, and the different sounds they make. But, for me, I think the real question is, Why do I continue to write? Because, for me, I think that writing is a way of continuing to hope. When things sometimes feel as if they're not going to get any better, writing offers a way of trying to connect with something beyond that obvious feeling ... because you know, there is hope in connecting, and so perhaps for me it is a way of remembering I am not alone. And the writing may be sending tentacles out to see if there is a response to that."

From “I'd Like Not to Be a Stranger in the World: A Conversation/Interview with Lucille Clifton” 1999, edited Michael S. Glaser

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