Obstacle Course

A Fierce Practice 8 18 17

** A Week of Questions **

What is your inner obstacle?

This questions comes from the recent Hidden Brain Podcast (repeat) episode about WOOP, aka, a strategy for figuring out your goals and wishes, and then pressing through THE BARRIERS THAT YOU CREATE FOR YOURSELF to reach said goals (and, also, a lot of science about how big wishing and big dreams really aren't that helpful...you have to be strategic. I personally love this episode, because it confirms my notion that my anxiety and fear that projects and tasks are never going to be good enough is the reason that they all keep turning out okay.). You can see the full episode (and transcript) HERE, but here's the passage about why OUR OWN INTERNAL BARRIERS are so much more important to address than those big, perceived external ones (it may have something to do with which things we can and can't control in our lives...)

(Oh, and behind the quote is my new postcard from Jack Hill. What a lovely treat to receive through the post. You can see the full image HERE, and read about the project HERE.

And, you can read more about obstacles and tansy and goldenrod HERE.