Noticing The Doing Self

A Fierce Practice 10 17 17

I'm taking this Get More Sleep stuff seriously. 

It's not as easy as just going to bed earlier. It's a habit I've been cultivating from childhood, sandwiched in with the fact that I'm an Owl (not a Lark). 

So, with 37 years of doing, I expect the undoing will take time and work

Today I started officially digging deeper and adding some accountability. Most mostly, I need help untangling. Because the part of me that IS SO GOOD AT DOING is inherently at odds with the part of me THAT WANTS TO SLEEP MORE. Because, the part of me that is so good at doing - she doesn't actually want to sleep more. (Because, in case you live under a rock, when you are 'sleeping' you are not doing. Which isn't actually true, but my very pea brained Doing Self feels like sleeping ≠ doing. Even though every logical or scientific person will make it clear how important the sleep is to the productive doing.)

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