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Today's quote sort of sums it all up. 

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What is.. (Some really good quotes from the past few days...)

  • "We may still get betrayed, may still be hated. We may still feel confused and sad. What we won’t do is bite the hook. Pleasant happens. Unpleasant happens. Neutral happens. What we gradually learn is to not move away from being fully present. We need to train at this very basic level because of the widespread suffering in the world. If we aren’t training inch by inch, one moment at a time, in overcoming our fear of pain, then we’ll be very limited in how much we can help. We’ll be limited in helping ourselves, and limited in helping anybody else. So let’s start with ourselves, just as we are, here and now." Pema Chodron (Thanks E)
  • "We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history there is such a thing as being too late. ... We must move past indecision to action." -Martin Luther King, Beyond Vietnam Speech. (Thank you Jennifer)
  • Let us pause and listen and gather our strength with grace and move forward like water in all its manifestation: flat water, white water, rapids and eddies, and flood this country with an integrity of purpose and patience and persistence capable of cracking stone.  -Terry Tempest Williams
  • From a recent interview by Bob Garfield of Rebecca Solnit, On the Media: Hope, Lies & Making Change

    BOB GARFIELD:  I mentioned in the introduction your impatience with what you see as the kind of self-indulgence of despair. And I couldn't help but notice that because [LAUGHS] I took it as a personal affront. In the context of the gulf war you call that kind of self-indulgence “The Conversation.” Could you read that passage?

    REBECCA SOLNIT:  “Sometime before the election [George Bush’s relection in 2004] was over, I vowed to keep away from what I thought of as ‘The Conversation,’ the tailspin of mutual wailing about how bad everything was, a recitation of the evidence against us – one exciting opportunity the left offers us is of being your own persecutor – and it just buried any hope and imagination down in a dank little foxhole of curled-up despair. Now I watch people having it, wondering what it is we get from it. The certainty of despair – is even that kind of certainty so worth pursuing? … Stories trap us, stories free us. We live and die by stories. But hearing people have ‘The Conversation’ is hearing them tell themselves a story they believe is being told to them. What other stories can be told? How do people recognize that they have the power to be storytellers, not just listeners?”

  • Scott Simon picks an inaugural poem. (full version here)
    Poetry still falls from the skies
    into our streets still open.
    They haven’t put up the barricades, yet,
    the streets still alive with faces,
    lovely men & women still walking there,
    still lovely creatures everywhere
    Populist Manifesto #1, Lawrences Ferlinghetti
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