And Let Others Do For You

A Fierce Practice 9 3 17

Giant ragweed, some common ragweed, smartweed, lambs quarter (I know! Edible!), tiny bits of wild mustard close to the ground now that the weather is cooling off, eastern black nightshade, horseweed, prickly lettuce, burdock, one curly dock plant, a few thistle, and what I can't really identify in its dead and dried state but I am guessing is hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale) which is the new bane of my existence.

Yes, you heard right, I drive my farm weeds to the city --- and I am going to pay $7.50 to take them to the green waste dump site BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW.

It'll all make sense if you read the original HERE.