Less and Less

A Fierce Practice 10 20 17

This is actually the second time Less and Less has appeared here. See June for the first iteration. But today, we have this:

This is a perpetual question. 

P - E - R - P - E - T - U - A - L.

And part of it is this, this writing practice. It started as a practice, and a life vest, and a thing to keep me grounded and get me through. It did. Hooray.

But, what if it's not serving a good purpose anymore. Or a healthy one (in terms of going to bed at night?). 

My homework for getting more sleep is to notice. Notice when I want to do one more thing instead of go to bed. And although this note isn't an impromptu thing, I am wondering if the current format / structure / way it fits into my day isn't helping. Or is leading to unhealthy habits. 

So, I am considering taking a pause, maybe a week or so, just from writing this note. The quotes will remain on Instagram, but no daily note. I haven't decided for sure, but it seems like it couldn't hurt. It wouldn't be a goodbye, but just a hey, what's on the other side? It's been over two years of writing here DAILY. I did that. I surpassed my goal. So, maybe the radical thing to do now, in order to practice doing less, in order to practice letting go - is to do that. 

To let this go just briefly, just to notice how it feels. 

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