Learning to Love You More

A Fierce Practice 3 31 17

I am noticing more and more that it's not about knowing when it's right. As in, this idea that there is one right (or perfect) person or dog companion or house or job out there for us - and my gut will tell me when I have met the one and only perfect one. I'm beginning to understand that there are lots of good fits, and many of them don't look (at the outset) like we would expect. And that it's not about that perfect one, but about the choosing. Being tuned in enough to know when I've run across one of the many good fits, turned down one of the many right roads to lead me to my destination - and actively choosing it when I've stumbled across it. It's not so much in the knowing, it's more about the choosing. A bit of surrender mixed in with whole-hearted choosing. And the heart will always let you know when it is going somewhere wholly. 

Today's quote isn't really a quote. It's the title of a collaborate project and book of the same name by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.

Also, dreaming dogs are the best.

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