Killing Time

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Time is both an endangered species and an abundant commodity. But if I hear one more person say “I’m just killing time” I might lose it. Just think about what those words in that order actually mean. And think about how you are choosing to value your time, and how you fill it, if your best option is to kill it. I’m not sure where I fall on the spectrum about time. Is it an endangered species? A limited commodity? Something we can not make any more of, something of which we get what we get – so why waste it? It can not be mined or minted or magically created out of thin air. At the same time, it is also (somehow) free and abundant and ours to shrink and expand, at least the ration which we are doled. Is it possible to believe in both of these things at the same time? I suspect so. [Also, HA! Where does MAKE TIME fall in the spectrum of all of this? Make Time is more about using those strong arms to clear EVERYTHING off the table (even if it makes a mess) in order to clear your mind and heart and calendar and physical space in order to bring certain things to the center. As in Make Time For fill in the blank, not so much about printing counterfeit time at some underground robber bank. But, I also think that when we make time for something (or when we are mindful and careful about thoughtful and IN CHARGE) of how and where we use our time (much like our energy) it is, in fact, a radical thing, and may bend that space time continuum in a way where we are printing more time, or at least somehow magically making the hours and minutes that we have last longer.

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