It All Goes Somewhere

A Fierce Practice 7 21 17 a
A Fierce Practice 7 21 17 b

It's not just the rain though, the feelings are the same way too. We're all to eager to let the good ones fall and collect and pool on the land, on the landscape of our hearts. But the dark ones, the bleary ones, the hard ones - it's like we wince and squint and can't even bear to acknowledge that the hard feelings land here. That they sculpt the land or pool and seep in, deeply, or carry sediment away in a flash flood. Carrying off our precious things. Carrying off debris we no longer need. Washing it away in a hurry, before we can grasp what's going on.

Much like the weather, these feelings come in all shapes and sizes. And much like the weather there is always something happening, even though we tend to only think of weather as the extremes: the thunder storm, the triple digit heat, the deep freeze. And it's best to see and know how they flow through, how to sculpt our own swales and rainwater gardens and gutters and downspouts. Because it all flows through, it all goes somewhere.

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