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A Fierce Practice 1 23 17

I've finally figured out where the deep unsettled feeling is coming from. It's coming from the idea of resistanceYES, there is a lot to resist. A lot to fight against. [Enter what you stand for here :)]

But resistance isn't the thing. Resistance is a good place to land for now. Firm footing. Drawing a line. But, ultimately, resistance only makes us rigid, and implacably tied to what we do not want to see. Yes, it prevents the bad. It stops the worst-case scenario. But it also limits growth, with all that nose-to-the-grindstone time of clenching and ferociously fighting the rising tide.

Resistance can lead to a certain paralysis. A preventative looking backward instead of a hope-infused looking forward. Drawing a line in the path instead of paving (or planting) a new way (or prairie) ahead. 

I know this, not from national politics, but from personal muck. Living in a relationship that just didn't feel right (as so many of us do: at home, at work, in larger family, with friends) for so long. Spending so much time trying to stop the ick and fix the things that didn't feel the way I wanted them to feel. Almost a triage of sorts. Trying to prevent things from getting worse. But in all of that emergency care, in trying to stop the bleeding - you forget to take a breath and feel soft and lift your head and look around at the world. And all of the potential that it holds. And all of the other options to move forward. Toward a vision of your own creation, not one that is constructed only from fighting what you think you can't change right now. 

Resistance can only work for us, in the long term, in partnership with vision. To not just know what you are so rigidly against, but also a clear vision of what alternative image to advocate toward.

I just love the warmth and power of this definition of vision from the OED:

Resist and resist and resist. Yes. But don't miss every single opportunity to carve out, articulate, and work toward your sage and vibrant vision for the future.

Flip through every seed catalog during these sort winter days. Know exactly what variety of hope and joy and light you will plant just as soon as the earth thaws.