How Do You Feel?

A Fierce Practice 7 8 17

A Week of Questions!
(It's B-A-C-K-!)

How do you feel, right now?

Yes, how are you feeling, but also - how do you know and understand and comprehend and experience and translate what you are feeling? Is it a physical sensation in your actual body? Is it something you know in your brain, in your heart? Is it heavy, light, moving, still, confident, unsure, constantly changing? Is it momentary or ever present? Are there many things you are feeling at once, and how do you sort them all out?

Just leave a super quick note in the comments below. We'll be knitting this in with mistakes and our bodies and knowing! Hope you'll stick around and follow along.

Also, Marge Piercy, poems, Solstice Declarations & more in the missive HERE.