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I just got really distracted by facts. And science. And learning things. 
(This is why I love this practice. It allows me to wander and feel okay about it. But sometimes I completely forget what I sat down to write in the first place.)

1. Did you know Hogmanay is the Scots word for 'the last day of the year'?
2. I did not even know Scots was a language until just now. (And I was a Linguistics Major!)
3. It takes 90 days for a drop of water to travel the full length of the Mississippi River? (Really, is this constant? Because sometimes that water seems to be moving a lot faster than other time.)
4. The water that flows through the farm travels my unnamed seasonal waterway to the Bass Creek for a few miles (if that) to the Rock River to the Mississippi River.
5. The Rock River joins the Mississippi River the first place I did. At the border of Illinois and Iowa just passed the city of Davenport. (Noticing this almost made me cry.)
6. When we were biking cross country, we actually had to drive for an afternoon to keep on schedule. The day we were crossing the Mississippi. I asked my crew if they would let me and my bike out of the Jeep before crossing the bridge, because I so desperately wanted to cross that big river by bike. 

How did I get here?

Today is Day #366 of Year 2 of A Fierce Practice. Whoa. When did that happen? I guess over the last three hundred and sixty-six days. (Here was Feb 29, I was totally curious). I've never been one to be gaga over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Just too much. But maybe today is that subtle ringing in of my new year? (Here's where we were one year ago today, on the cusp of something brand new ahead).

Here's to the cusp of something brand new ahead.

Maybe that's the trick. Letting the new lead turn over when you aren't quite expecting it. 

I left work just before four today. I wanted to travel the roads before the predicted ice arrived. And I had to pack for tomorrow's work trip. But mostly I am trying to work less, and that is a practice in itself. I still checked my email twice and calendar twice before actually leaving, because - let's just say that I have issues. I took the long route home. The rural route. The roads with the magic paint in the lane lines that leads directly to the farm. Mostly to open the mailbox and find some magic. (Ahhhh!!!! Your envelopes from this prompt are starting to arrive and I AM SO EXCITED!!! Still time to participate if you want.) There was still an hour of light in the day, and everything was magic. Between the rain and the melting-point weather, the sometimes stream was full, and I could clearly see the flooding pattern that will not touch future house (phew.) and deer poop and hoof prints and my favorite view from my favorite magical tree stump. Which is actually less of a stump and more of a giant ogre three times my height that used to be a tree but is now missing its limbs.

It was just what I needed. Cold air, to feel at home even without any signs of a roof in sight, to take it all in. 

- - - - -

What is..

  • My friend Cris is running for the Madison School Board and I want you to know about it because she is incredible, and because I think her campaign is well worth your financial contribution. (C'mon - when have I ever hit you up for cash before?)
  • Here is the 2 Dope Queens podcast featuring today's quote from comedian Kristin Rand.
  • After seeing today's quote Stitch + Letter recommends Alex'sEmbroidery for some very sassy hoops. (No. No. No. I'm not lonely. I have me. & My instinct is to be mean to you.)
  • Season Four of Please Like Me is now on Hulu. Binge and feel good about it my friends. Not only is the show precious - but ALSO: honest portrayals of mental health issues in a humorous light, and the gay boys. 

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