Have It

A Fierce Practice 2 16 17

Sometime the weight of a week. A week full of no-one-thing-inparticular, it adds up. Maybe it's not the one week, but some invisible weight of unnoticed things piling up. Something stuck. Collecting tiny bits until they fill and clog. Adding up. 

- - - - -

Remember how I had all the excitement yesterday about the energy of the young poets who performed before Nikki Giovanni last night? I can't find poems or video from last night, but I can share a snippet from each of these artists. Savor. (These students, they have it. Whatever it is that allows the real feeling and writing to connect and make magic. I am building walls around myself, and they are knocking their own down to write amazing poems.)

Hiwot Adilow: To Mamush
Ricardo Cortez De La Cruz II: Ode to the "Young, Gifted and Black"
Ajanae Dawkins: When Viola Davis Won (Yes, this is what she performed last night!)
Miona Short: Guide to the New (Yea, she's a double major in Astrophysics and Spanish and she's a poet.)