Good Enough Friends

A Fierce Practice 3 22 17

I know Mom is ending our phone call when I hear Okay, I'll let you go now.

Which has nothing at all to do with my need to go anywhere else or go do anything else. But has everything to do with Mom wanting to no longer be on the phone. 

But if you keep listening, to this audio essay (not eavesdropping on my phone calls with Mom), it continues to be relatable and moving. About what it means to be grown up, about what it means to get older, about what is at the heart of friendship. It's strikingly personal, he mentions that he and his wife have separated, but mostly because he talks so opening about his sadness at the death of his friend Mary - who happens to be elderly. 

Mostly, you should just listen to it here. It's Act 4: Ask A Very Grown Woman.

Full missive HERE