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Two Parts Tonight. The second requests your action.

Part I.
Give it. Give it. Boomerang.

Did anyone else catch this week’s episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge? It was unlike any other episode, and beautifully deeply personal as Producer Charles Monroe-Kane goes back to his home town in the Rust Belt of Ohio (in or near to Center of the World, Ohio) to tend to his roots. So much about the episode moved me, but more than anything, today's quote jumped right out of the radio speakers and into my ears. I suggest a listen sometime this week.

Part II.
Gift Guide.
I've been thinking about putting together a (holiday season) Gift Guide this year. A Fierce Practice Gift Guide. An unconventional gift guide. It's not a fully-formed idea yet, but I'd like your help in getting there. I don't really know why I feel compelled to do this, but here's two reasons to start. Reason One: you. So many of you on this list make or do amazing things like seriously-for-real-kick-ass-soap or creativity kits made out of found items or prompt cards or I think you are starting to get the idea. I want to SHARE all of these amazing things so that more people can know about your awesomeness. Reason Two: it's possible to give and/or receive a lot of crappy gifts. Maybe a little nudge or list of suggestions will prevent you from receiving another fleece throw or coffee mug set from a co-worker. Maybe it's a Gift Guides for the Creative People in your life. I dunno. I just think that the world needs it. And, to get started, I need your help. Don't be shy...please email me A) item suggestions for the Yet-To-Be-Named-Gift-Guide (bonus points if they are YOUR THINGS) and B) idea suggestions (as in, we all know donating to charity is a nice gift...any new versions of this lovely idea?).

So, don't be shy. Respond to this email and send your ideas. Or leave a comment below. I'll be collecting them for about the next month. Let's say $50 or less...and (as usual), please feel free to think outside of the box.

I can't wait to hear back from you.

You can read the full note HERE, but there really isn't that much more to it.