Gifting Guide | Gifts For The Creative Spark!

A Fierce Gifting Guide Creative Spark

QUICK LIST! (Read More Below)
1. Flow Magazine
2. The Found Object Creativity Kit by Molly Anthony
3. Starry Night Embroidered Christmas Ornament by Jennifer Bilton
4. Vintage Postage Stamps
5. Stationery and Letter Writing Tools, Screech Owl Design
6. Bored and Brilliant (The Book!) by Manoush Zomorodi
7. Duh, Sharpies!!!!!
8. Powder Keg Writing Workshop Hand Painted Prompt Cards by Suzi Banks Baum

Oh how I want to write glowing reasons why these are all perfect gifts for living A BIG, CREATIVE LIFE, and why (in the case you want to give a gift) these are all EXCELLENT options. (Especially if you want to give YOURSELF a gift.) But, since it's curfew and I'm zonked - dig around in the links about and it will take you all of five seconds to know why and how these are excellent gifts for sparking juicy, positive, creative goodness!