Form & Pour

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And as all that concrete was being poured, all I could think was POUR YOUR HEART OUT!!!

But, when I got to really thinking about it...there;s really a lot more than just pouring your heart out.

Because, before we got concrete, the wonderful crew set up the forms. The forms are basically a huge jello mold for the foundation. Something to pour all that concrete into. The physical structure that holds all that flowy, wet, liquidy concrete in place...until the concrete sets and can stand on its own. The forms are the support that actually gives the concrete its super-important foundation-shaped shape. The shape that it needs in order to actually hold my house up. To actually be a foundation.

So, if the trucks had just came and poured the concrete, sans forms, there would just be a GIANT concrete pancake outside the shed. Or all that concrete would just fill the bottom of the giant foundation-hole. A giant rectangle of concrete.

I think you know where I am going with this.

It's not enough to pour your heart out. It's all about having the right vessel to pour your heart into.

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