A Fierce Practice 2 15 17

Nikki Giovanni on campus tonight. Whoa. I don't even know where to start. Except the start. The event was keynote for the Black History Month Event/Speaker series on campus. Tonight's event was titled “Black Joy: Getting Black to Happy, A Celebration of Resilience & Resistance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”  And I believe it was organized entirely by students. And it was an event, not just a talk with the poet. I saw this because the night opened with the winners of a campus wide poetry contest reciting/performing their poems on stage AND HOLY SHIT THIS WAS SERIOUSLY AMAZING POETRY. I give Ms. Giovanni her dues, but these four students wowed me, awed me, blew me away. With words and meaning and presence. Poetry has a future. The world has a future. I will try to find these poems and share them. We pretty much looked at each other after these four student poets read on the stage and said Well, that could be the night and we'd be okay with it

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