Eclipsed, (Closing Tabs)

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Nine Things That Will Help Me Close Some Tabs

  1. Eclipse. (aka, Vanessa staring into a cereal box for an hour. aka, I hope I didn't hurt my eyes. aka, Child-like enthusiasm. aka: holy crap! Could you imagine what it was like in the olden-days when these things could not be predicted and just happened out of nowhere? That would be totally crazy and terrifying and YES, would make believe in any god or fairy or fear or anything. aka, I was at 80% eclipse and it was cloudy, but it was still cool and I think maybe one day I should track down the full thing. and MOSTLY: Thinking about (as someone without eclipse glasses who relied on her cardboard cereal box and iphone camera, what it means to experience something without seeing it directly with our own eyes. I had such a strong desire to actually look at the eye-witness it...does it make it any more or less of an experience to not see it directly? (Also, pictures of my pin-hole camera HERE, and if you hop onto Instagram stories before too long you can see pictures of me staring into a box. Which humor me greatly.)
  2. This Jane Kenyon poem (The Songs at the End of Summer) followed by this Donald Hall (Letter in Autumn) poem. It's the goldenrods that brought me here. 
  3. No No No NO
  4. This wonderful eclipse viewing device.
  5. Heaven When We're Home, by The Wailin' Jennys (the source of today's quote. I was so eager to post it (and go to bed) I forgot to add a citation.
  6. The sandwich filling to my Saturday plans (WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts). The sandwich bread is dropping off M off at the beginning of and picking her up at the end of RAW.
  7. I've wanted to write about, and make a cool parabola on an axis, of the ebb and flow and specifically of how things got peak crazy around here, and then started to calm down. It's a reminder, a visual one, that change is constant and that when things feel out-of-control-crazy they just aren't going to stay that way forever. It's just against the laws of everything. (Well, sort of. I think the laws of physics say that things are actually getting more and more disorganized every second, we'll just pretend that's not true.) The peak of it all was starting construction, having the condo on the market and having to keep it in tip-top shape, and preparing/departing for three weeks of intensive work travel. I recognized that I was approaching full...and water was starting to pour over the sides of this ship. But, then it subsides. We got a GREAT offer on the condo (GREAT is an insufficient term) with a November closing date, taking off the pressure to keep the place perfect and/or evacuate immediately. Work trips happen...and keep happening...and fit into a flow...and I let myself relax into the rhythm of being on the road and actually enjoy my time away (crime dramas and sleeping and nature!), and letting the house building be on it's own schedule. Everything just keeps moving forward. And sometimes that forward is uphill...but for every uphill climb there is a joyful downhill long as you can take your feet of the pedals and enjoy it just a little.
  8. In honor of imperfection, here's the skeleton of the Make Time Farm website: Consider it to be in the "for your eyes only" phase of development, and know that I will gladly accept your feedback.  I hope to have it wrapped up within the next week...mostly because it's just time that it exists.
  9. I am going to go now, and purchase a paint sprayer - and then I can close like ten more tabs.

Believe it or not, there's even more in the original note HERE.