Each Beginning

A Fierce Practice 4 25 17

But also, seeds - like humans - don't live forever. The come with expiration dates. Deadlines for germination. They are not like bricks of gold that sit in a safe and retain value. It does no good to hoard them. In fact, like with anything good when you use them: disperse, disseminate, plant, cast, seed - that's when their value increases. Multiplying, oft, by orders of magnitudes. The fairy wing poppies and bread seed poppies and zulu prince daisies, the trial packet of coreopsis, the colorful chrysanthemums on the seed packet with today's quote, the edible miriam sunflowers, the flowering dill, the six nasturtium seeds from EcoFarm...there is no perfect time to plant them. I either plant them now and they germinate...and I'll have MORE seeds for next year. Or, they don't - and I've missed the window - and it wouldn't matter if I planted them this year when everything is impermanent and in transition or next year (or the year after) when every. single. thing. is. figured. out. It doesn't really matter. They, like us, have a shelf life. Don't forget it.

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