A Fierce Practice 10 16 17
  • RIP Richard Wilbur.
  • Where do you think poems come from?
  • I don't think running toward sleep at 100 MPH is exactly the best strategy, but right now it gets me closer to my goal.
  • THIS Fresh Air interview with SLEEP SCIENTIST Matthew Walker is the perfect way to focus / frighten / steel my strength to develop healthier sleep hygiene. (Really, give it a listen. I mean it!) It's also serendipitous because tomorrow I take step 2 toward better sleep habits by meeting with my Coach.
    • Thank you for your ideas and enthusiasm for the Gift Guide (does it need a better name?)
    • It's been lovely to hear from so many of you so quickly, and with ideas and with a hurrah! for the idea of a guide.
    • I am going to pester your pants off with questions through the end of the month...for now What is hardest, easiest, most convenient, most desired in finding and purchasing gifts - especially around the holidays? (Please drop a line below).

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