Constantly Invited To Be What We Are

A Fierce Practice 9 23 17

Where are my Libra friends?

The whole "constantly being invited to be what we are" is nice, but I got really sidetracked by the paragraph prior:

“The present seems never to get its due; it is the least obvious, - neither before, nor behind, but within us. All the past plays into this moment, and we are what we are. My aspiration is one thing, my reflection another, but, over all, myself and condition is and does.”

I don't know what I like so much about it. Maybe the implied emphasis on the be here now idea. Maybe that "we are what we are" isn't good or bad - it's just declarative and it just is. But, mostly, I think it's because I am still untwining the "myself and condition is and does". (I would love to know what that line means to you!!!)

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