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*A Week of Questions*

What is the biggest catalyst landing you at where you are today?

(The truest thing about a catalyst is that it merely starts or speeds up a chemical reaction. It doesn't create a new reaction. It doesn't make something that otherwise wouldn't happen, happen. It's just the first (or fifth or last) domino. Or the striking of the match.

"It would have happened, but it would have taken maybe a little longer. I choose the word 'catalyze' carefully because "catalyst" changes the rate of things, but does not change the final state of equilibrium."
-Sandra in This American Live Episode #572, Transformers, Act #4.

What is..

  • Today's quote is from the On The Media series "Busted: America's Poverty Myths", from the episode "Rags to Riches". If there is any reason that I write, it's because if I don't write - what are the voices that will persist? And it seems as if what persists becomes the record of what is. And I'd like it to be known that I am.

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