Fall Again But For Flowers

A Fierce Practice 5 19 17

Steady & Continuous Thing: New blooms...barring the darkest months of winter there is almost always something transitioning from bud to blossom (or seed - I am amazed at home many of the different grasses have already shot out seeds), but we hold our breath for these weeks of spring when it feels like the fireworks of color at the end of each stem are brand new and have never, ever happened before. Except that they are some how made sweeter by the anticipation, by the colorless months before. My goal for this spring is to keep noticing and very much to keep appreciating each of the firsts and new blooms throughout the spring, summer, and fall. To keep this feeling of newness and energy and excitement, and carry it forth to the clover and milkweed and goldenrod. To celebrate each. To not get washed away by the wave.

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