A Fierce Practice 7 9 17

* A Week of Questions *

How do you feel when you are making a mistake?

Even more, how does your body feel when you are making a mistake? Not just your emotions, but how they manifest inside yourself. How you experience them. And maybe not so much as you are making a mistake, because do we ever actually know the exact moment when we make a mistake? (That's a Rhetorical Question Question I would actually love to hear your answer to.) Maybe, how does your body feel when you are afraid you may be in the territory of making a mistake? Or, how does your body feel when you realize and recognize that you've made a mistake. (No matter how far in the past.) I am asking about feelings again, but also about how you know what those feelings are, and how they represent in you. And how your actual body actually feels. [And then, just jump to the conclusion that I am asking you what you can learn from your body about what's it's telling you about mistakes and fear and recognition.]

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