A Fierce Practice 3 6 17

Thank goodness for this Write_On blogpost published today: "KINDLE YOUR LETTER-WRITING FIRE!" featuring Miss P (in words and image). (Without this item to celebrate, the day may have been a complete bust.) I sometimes think of Polly as a wild animal. Maybe not a wild animal, but a nocturnal animal. Or - really, a very rare animal very seldom seen in nature. The kind that the BBC makes hour-long documentaries about, and that require holding out in the desert or tundra or prairie for long periods of time before setting eyes on the special, infrequently spotted animal. Not, in any way, because Polly is reclusive (she's not. Although she is maybe a little wild, in the good ways), but because she's largely not visually present in the electronic world, which makes her appearance online extra magical. She is, though, a rare gem of the human and animal kingdom through and through - and I am so glad that the fine folks at Write_On feature her beautiful letter writing practice today. This is the kind of goodness we all need. Be sure to read it. (And, I love that she uses MAKE TIME as the cue to instruct early risers and night owls alike to write more letters!)

Oh, and you can find one of Miss P's recent poems a pencil for a wing-bone in the latest edition of The Solitary Plover. (Click here and visit page 6 to read. I promise you want to.)

Read today's full note HERE and learn more about the Write_On Campaign hosted by Egg Press and friends here.