What Moves Us

A Fierce Practice 1 25 17

This still holds true. Not sometimes. Almost always. (From 188 weeks ago. But I think about it often.)

- - - - -

What is..

  • Preparing for 'the invasion'.
  • "The Invasion" is what my Mom is calling their next visit. Which commences Thursday afternoon. As in, just about sixteen hours from when I write this. Four adults. Three generations. Two bedrooms. One dog. Bring it. 
  • This is where I scurry around to clean and organize to make it look like I am a somewhat responsible and attentive adult. Every inch of the nest is clean*. (*Or at least has been attempted to be cleaned.)
  • We are going to EAT SO WELL!
  • Today's quote is from the On Being interview with Father James Martin from December 2016. This quote keeps me thinking in circles, but in the best sort of way. It gives a sort of permission that what we most want to do is actually where we most should be. The divining rod of desire. YES! (If this was the God of my childhood, there's a good chance we'd have improved our relationship much earlier in my life.)
  • Also, this Kay Ryan poem: Things Shouldn't Be So Hard
  • NIKKI GIOVANNI SPEAKING on the UW CAMPUS FEBRUARY 15TH. YES I AM YELLING. YES. YES. YES. FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Wanna have a Fierce Practice Meet-Up? Seriously - let's all go together!!!!! (No really, I mean it you Madisonites.)