Carry Them Around Inside My Body

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Sarah P Miller is writing again. She asks What is your truth?

She just got a mouthful from me in response.

I didn't know this is the exact question I needed to be asked right now. The question I needed to face. The question I needed to know someone else cared enough to ask. The question that, precisely because it was a question, opened the floodgate of words. It got them out of my bones and onto the page so that I don't have to carry them around inside my body anymore.

So, I will offer you this...

What question do you most want to be asked right now?

Think about it. Or click reply and let me know. Sometimes questions are the best flashlights for all those dark, heavy, stuck places.

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It All Goes Somewhere

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It's not just the rain though, the feelings are the same way too. We're all to eager to let the good ones fall and collect and pool on the land, on the landscape of our hearts. But the dark ones, the bleary ones, the hard ones - it's like we wince and squint and can't even bear to acknowledge that the hard feelings land here. That they sculpt the land or pool and seep in, deeply, or carry sediment away in a flash flood. Carrying off our precious things. Carrying off debris we no longer need. Washing it away in a hurry, before we can grasp what's going on.

Much like the weather, these feelings come in all shapes and sizes. And much like the weather there is always something happening, even though we tend to only think of weather as the extremes: the thunder storm, the triple digit heat, the deep freeze. And it's best to see and know how they flow through, how to sculpt our own swales and rainwater gardens and gutters and downspouts. Because it all flows through, it all goes somewhere.

More than you ever want to read about rain, and metaphors, HERE.


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Sometimes I wonder if I really need to be the super-vigilant control freak that I am, a person who likes to be in charge and sticks her nose in every step of the process (for something that matters to me)...and then things like this happen and totally confirm my compulsiveness. TRUST NO ONE.

Missive in full HERE.

Eloquent Charged Radical Tender Truthful

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By default, I think A Week of Questions is over. Maybe we'll end it with this last one...

How can you grace-fully, wholly, and without looking backward or forward absolve yourself of all of the 'mistakes' you have made that still weigh on you?

Because, at some point, there is no use in lugging that heavy thing around behind you any more.


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Not Hard Stop

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A Week of Questions Is Taking A Day Off

I am learning to not be stubborn. I am learning to stop. Pause, breathe, feel. I am learning that these are not quitting. That these are, in fact, exactly how we persist, over long stretches of time. 

I am learning to let the panic arrive. And to sit with it calmly - instead of accepting its invitation to run around wildly like a chicken with my head cut off. Everything can teach us. 

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* A Week of Questions *

How do you feel when you are making a mistake?

Even more, how does your body feel when you are making a mistake? Not just your emotions, but how they manifest inside yourself. How you experience them. And maybe not so much as you are making a mistake, because do we ever actually know the exact moment when we make a mistake? (That's a Rhetorical Question Question I would actually love to hear your answer to.) Maybe, how does your body feel when you are afraid you may be in the territory of making a mistake? Or, how does your body feel when you realize and recognize that you've made a mistake. (No matter how far in the past.) I am asking about feelings again, but also about how you know what those feelings are, and how they represent in you. And how your actual body actually feels. [And then, just jump to the conclusion that I am asking you what you can learn from your body about what's it's telling you about mistakes and fear and recognition.]

As always, drop a comment below.

Read the full missive HERE.

How Do You Feel?

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A Week of Questions!
(It's B-A-C-K-!)

How do you feel, right now?

Yes, how are you feeling, but also - how do you know and understand and comprehend and experience and translate what you are feeling? Is it a physical sensation in your actual body? Is it something you know in your brain, in your heart? Is it heavy, light, moving, still, confident, unsure, constantly changing? Is it momentary or ever present? Are there many things you are feeling at once, and how do you sort them all out?

Just leave a super quick note in the comments below. We'll be knitting this in with mistakes and our bodies and knowing! Hope you'll stick around and follow along.

Also, Marge Piercy, poems, Solstice Declarations & more in the missive HERE.