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  • RIP Richard Wilbur.
  • Where do you think poems come from?
  • I don't think running toward sleep at 100 MPH is exactly the best strategy, but right now it gets me closer to my goal.
  • THIS Fresh Air interview with SLEEP SCIENTIST Matthew Walker is the perfect way to focus / frighten / steel my strength to develop healthier sleep hygiene. (Really, give it a listen. I mean it!) It's also serendipitous because tomorrow I take step 2 toward better sleep habits by meeting with my Coach.
    • Thank you for your ideas and enthusiasm for the Gift Guide (does it need a better name?)
    • It's been lovely to hear from so many of you so quickly, and with ideas and with a hurrah! for the idea of a guide.
    • I am going to pester your pants off with questions through the end of the month...for now What is hardest, easiest, most convenient, most desired in finding and purchasing gifts - especially around the holidays? (Please drop a line below).

Read it all HERE.

Giving Guide

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Two Parts Tonight. The second requests your action.

Part I.
Give it. Give it. Boomerang.

Did anyone else catch this week’s episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge? It was unlike any other episode, and beautifully deeply personal as Producer Charles Monroe-Kane goes back to his home town in the Rust Belt of Ohio (in or near to Center of the World, Ohio) to tend to his roots. So much about the episode moved me, but more than anything, today's quote jumped right out of the radio speakers and into my ears. I suggest a listen sometime this week.

Part II.
Gift Guide.
I've been thinking about putting together a (holiday season) Gift Guide this year. A Fierce Practice Gift Guide. An unconventional gift guide. It's not a fully-formed idea yet, but I'd like your help in getting there. I don't really know why I feel compelled to do this, but here's two reasons to start. Reason One: you. So many of you on this list make or do amazing things like seriously-for-real-kick-ass-soap or creativity kits made out of found items or prompt cards or I think you are starting to get the idea. I want to SHARE all of these amazing things so that more people can know about your awesomeness. Reason Two: it's possible to give and/or receive a lot of crappy gifts. Maybe a little nudge or list of suggestions will prevent you from receiving another fleece throw or coffee mug set from a co-worker. Maybe it's a Gift Guides for the Creative People in your life. I dunno. I just think that the world needs it. And, to get started, I need your help. Don't be shy...please email me A) item suggestions for the Yet-To-Be-Named-Gift-Guide (bonus points if they are YOUR THINGS) and B) idea suggestions (as in, we all know donating to charity is a nice gift...any new versions of this lovely idea?).

So, don't be shy. Respond to this email and send your ideas. Or leave a comment below. I'll be collecting them for about the next month. Let's say $50 or less...and (as usual), please feel free to think outside of the box.

I can't wait to hear back from you.

You can read the full note HERE, but there really isn't that much more to it.

To Lack Faith

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Here's the full passage: “What if I go into a trance and don’t write no poem, and don’t do no work and starve and worry my family and friends, and they either feed me or call doctors or send me off to a crazy house with money the could use for other things, normal important ones. . . . And for what, for a poem, to satisfy what, vanity maybe. ... But to say all this and to fear all this is to lack faith; the faith that when you are doing your best, even if your best is only a motionless trance, you’ll be doing good, and when you are doing your best, you’ll be watched out for, and those who watch out for you will gain, not lose by it.” -Robert Lax

And, of other hopeful things and acts of faith....THERE IS GREEN! THERE IS GREEN! Read and see HERE.

Read it all (there's a bit more) HERE.

Sending My Regrets

A Fierce Practice 10 13 17

And perhaps that's when I wandered into the territory of regret. My thought process was that regret, like most other feelings, is just a feeling. It's a signpost that is pointing you in a certain direction. It's only real job is to alert you to information. To use the feelings as little divining rods to get closer to some truth or some situation or something that is...whether it needs your attention (fixing something that feels off) or not. (Do all our feelings require some sort of attention?) My best guess was something along the lines of regret is probably just a signal that something in this mix has some sort of meaning or is unresolved and these re-surfacing feelings (which may or may not actually be regret) are actually trying to be helpful. Trying to show me, trying to illuminate, the places that are stuck or resolve-able or ready to be go of or something - that maybe the detective work is finding out exactly what is resurfacing and why it needs my attention. 

Then, tonight, I had the excellent chance to catch up on over a month's worth of Hidden Brain podcasts, including the episode Regrets, I've Had A Few. I heard these words, right at the opening, from researcher Amy Summerville and it brought a real sense of calm. Oh, these lingering feelings...they are not bad feelings. They are guideposts that are trying to help me somehow. I highly suggest you give the episode a listen. 

In the mean time, I'd love to know how you define 'regret'. If you label the things that are sticky or the things you wish you had done differently (or not done, or done) as regrets, or if they hit you somewhere else. If you have any pointers on letting go (in general), or specifically of really sticky regrets. Is there something valuable a certain missed opportunity (or mis-stepped opportunity) has taught you in the long run? In the short run? As usual, I'd love to know your thoughts. Who knows...maybe we'll discuss for a few days...or maybe not. Do you, can you, have you - reframed your 'regrets' to help learn what was truly underneath them? Does this help come to terms or let go or understand better?

Read a bit more HERE.

Arbitrary Decisions

A Fierce Practice 10 11 17

This morning, the idea of the arbitrary decision really jumped out at me. If making decisions, even small ones, uses brain power - and if we are making decisions   all.   day.   long...  how can we better reign in and delegate and pre-make as many decisions as possible in order to best use our brain power for the really important decisions?

Read more about decisions, the YES NO LIST, and brain power HERE.

Hello old friend! Tonight is all about what's YES and what's NO.

Hello old friend! Tonight is all about what's YES and what's NO.

It's My Birthday So I'll Do Whatever I Want

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It's my birthday today. I'm 37! I feel like this is the perfect age and I am coming into my sense of self. All years have lessons to teach, but I am hoping this year will hold more savoring than learning (if you know what I mean). Because it's my birthday, and because I feel silly, and because I am currently fueled by ice cream, HERE is a list of things. (FYI, it includes dogs, ice cream, power and acid).


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On January 11, 2015 I started day 1 of a new project, because apparently I needed some sort of new project. It started with this quote, penned by dear Miss P and snapped in her Portland kitchen.

The goal was one year, a simple 365 days of quotes

And somehow, that habit - of quotes and writing and sharing and this little collaborative community - has persisted.

Today marks the 1000th quote. 1000 days of finding and searching and learning and sharing through words and little visual vignettes. 1000 little tiny adventures. 

It's an amble. A life vest. A boat ride. A practice. A pathway. 

So, here's to 1000.

(Whatever that means)

More HERE.

Emergency Brake? Reset Button?

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A Week of Questions

How can you pull the emergency brake when speeding down the highway at 70 MPH? How do you press the emergency reset button?
How do you know when it's time?!
How can you get away today?
Anywhere from five minutes to a broader swath of time? How does it fit in? How to switch from doing to taking care? (From taking care of business to taking care of self?)

The full note lives HERE.

Misfit's Myth

A Fierce Practice 10 2 17

A Week of Questions
What is your beautiful failure? How can you reinvent yourself endlessly?

Here's the full quote:

There is a myth in most cultures about following your dreams. It's called the hero's journey. But I prefer a different myth that's slightly to the side of that or underneath it. It's called the misfit's myth. And it goes like this - even at the moment of your failure, right then you are beautiful. You don't know it yet, but you have the ability to reinvent yourself endlessly. That's your beauty. Your story deserves to be heard because you - you are rare and phenomenal misfit - you new species are the only one in the room who can tell the story the way only you would. And I'd be listening. Thank you.

The full story is HERE.


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Before we get to A Week of Questions...
1) Happy October (best month of the year).
2) As I was seeding the septic mound (again) and dragging the drag along behind the mower to scuff up the (in parts) dry or fluffy or horribly compacted soil of the sizable bare ground that was previously pasture and lane scraped apart by the work of tractors installing said mound and septic tank. (I do not know if that sentence makes any sense, but I sort of like it and I am very tired so I will leave it as is) ... (it isn't even a sentence, it's just a really long clause. I digress.) AND climbing onto the second floor to see the landscape of this whole house-building project as a whole and unified thing . . . I had this thought. This whole project is in its very lanky, awkward, discombobulated, stinky, acne-prone, growing-into-a-mature-version-of-itself phase. It's not a beautifully put together thing yet. It's still a concept, that grows a bit more concrete each day (or, really, week). It won't be mature for years yet - until trees get planted and grow in. Until paths are well worn between doors and gardens and fence lines. For now, it's still becoming, and it's still awfully awkward. Therefore, we shall call this stage of house building: puberty.

At some point, it will come into its own. For now it's just feels like a jumbled disaster that is clinging to some future sense of self, some seed of becoming it will grow into    one     day. For now, it's a rumpled mess that can't seem to be on time for anything. But despite all limbs akimbo, it's full of a very potent energy fueling all it will continue to become.

And, with that - this pubescent narrative has nothing to do with the choice of today's quote. And we shall continue on to...

A Week of Questions

How do you draw / plant / grow / delineate / build strong boundaries? How do they keep you safe? How are they porous enough to get let the good stuff in? How are they too rigid sometimes?

More HERE.